Xbox: scandal around wiretapping among users

hackers publish the SDK on the web

As soon as Microsoft leaves the case of pirating Xbox Live by the Lizard Squad team that Xbox One is again targeted: its SDK was published on Twitter by the group H4LT.

GTA 5 - Xbox One custom This is the latest tool kit for the Xbox One that has been shared on the web. Reserved for Microsoft partners, it allows among others to understand how the machine works to develop games and exploit all of its features.

H4LT has already indicated that this was only the first leak in a long series to come, with the aim of developing the community of independent developers formerly very active on Xbox and Xbox 360 but for the moment largely curbed on Xbox One.

"The SDK should allow the community to reverse engineer the doors of the Xbox One to standalone applications. We plan to release more software soon. But at this time, we cannot reveal it. as a precaution. " Said the pirate collective.

Currently, it is impossible to know how and where the group was able to recover the SDK and the other tools mentioned. No Microsoft partner or even the Redmond company has indicated that they have been the subject of a hack allowing a third party to recover this development kit, the thesis of sharing by an accomplice therefore takes on meaning.

It remains to be seen whether the protective measures in place on the Xbox One will allow players to access Homebrew or not.