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Guignols de l'Info arrives on the App Store

Guignols de l'Info arrives on the App Store

Canal +’s cult TV show “Les Guignols de l'Ininfo” is now available in the form of an iPhone application. On the menu, the possibility of reviewing previous missions, playing with the famous puppets and that's not all!

AC – Le Soir

That fans of the famous satirical mission “Les Guignols de l'Ininfo” rejoice, Canal + has just made available its new iPhone application specially dedicated to famous puppets. The application offers to find all of the missions, the duplexes with “Le Grand Journal” and the selection of cult TV shows. Playful, the application offers to play with "Prsi-Jump" whose goal will be to climb to the highest in the polls to finally become "President". In addition, the application also allows you to follow the news of the Guignols via their integrated Twitter account.

Finally, Canal + indicates that an update of the app will be available soon and will bring the Guignols In situ functionality which will allow you to take a photo with your favorite puppets. Another future feature, the Gimmicks box which will allow you to listen to and listen to the cult phrases of the Guignols and share them with your friends.

Remember that the Guignols have always had a soft spot for Apple. Indeed, these have proposed various sketches featuring Steve Jobs presenting “revolutionary products”.

Download for free the app “Les Guignols de l'Info” on the App Store.

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