iphone verrou Comment désactiver l’affichage du jour sur iPhone

[GUIDE] How to turn off day display on iPhone

iphone lock How to turn off day display on iPhone

The locked screen of the iPhone allows many things like controlling your home automation, changing music, checking notifications. When you are on the locked screen, you can swipe the screen from right to left to access your camera. By sliding it to the right, you have information about your day thanks to widgets. You do not need to unlock your iPhone to access it. Do you want to turn off the day view on your iPhone’s lock screen?

Explanation: what is the day display?

It is not the display of the date and time on your screen.

The day view is a set of widgets where you can add, remove or change the view order as you see fit. This can sum up your day based on certain compatible applications or functionalities such as your calendar, your screen time, news, the battery of your devices, etc.

To make it appear, just slide the locked screen to the right, so the left page will display your widgets.

You can also access it once your iPhone is unlocked, it is also on the far left, before your first application page.

step 1: manage widgets

The day display is potentially visible to everyone. You can either turn it off completely when your iPhone is locked, or better manage its display at all times. You can delete all of your widgets one by one.

1.1. Access your notification center (screen locked or not);

1.2. Slide it to the right to access the day display;

1.3. Go down to the bottom;

1.4. Press Edit ;

iphone day view How to turn off day view on iPhone

1.5. Manage your widgets.

iphone widget How to turn off day display on iPhone

left, there are red circles with a minus to delete a widget and green circles with a plus to add them.

For added widgets, the 3 lines on the right allow you to define the order of appearance using drag and drop.

Once the modifications are complete, all you have to do is close this page by pressing at the top on OK to validate or on To cancel.

step 2: deactivate the day display on the locked screen

The more radical solution is to turn off the day view when your iPhone is locked.

2.1. Open Settings > Touch ID and code (or Face ID and code);

2.2. Enter your iPhone unlock code;

2.3. Go down until you find the part Allow access in locked mode ;

2.4. Deactivate Day display ;

deactivate day display How to deactivate day display on iPhone

You can see that on your locked screen there is no longer the possibility of accessing the day display.

iphone lock screen How to turn off day display on iPhone

When you choose to turn off the day view, it is effective only on the locked screen. You will always have access to it with your unlocked iPhone.

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