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GTA San Andreas2.00

One of the best action games ported to Android

Released in 2004 on consoles and in 2008 on PC, GTA San Andreas is a third-person action-adventure game in which the player plays Carl Jonhson who returns to Los Santos, a city torn apart by crime, gangs and corrupt police. Between his family and his friends, our character will have to regain control of business and the city, all in an atmosphere of the USA of the 1990s.

With a gigantic map on Android, the player will be able to explore one of the three cities, namely Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas and explore the surrounding countryside to discover many missions and characters.

Many new features

This opus is the successor of the very successful GTA Vice City which notably introduced motorcycles and the purchase of properties. San Andreas also has its share of new features such as the possibility of swimming, climbing the wall or even personalizing one’s body and skills such as freediving or strength. New weapons and vehicles like the plane and the train are also appearing.

Its grip

GTA San Andreas offers three control diagrams and numerous customization options for the touch screen. It is also possible to use commands with two virtual analog sticks for movement and camera control which will still require adaptation. The game is also compatible with certain Bluetooth and USB controllers.

An immersive atmosphere

With its desire to always represent reality as well as possible, Rockstar games offers a high quality game with adjustable graphic parameters for an optimal gaming experience according to the Android tablet or smartphone. However, the version 1.08 tested in our lines presents many display and texture bugs rather recurring and to be corrected.