Rockstar announces "Import / Export" DLC

GTA 5 breaks its record for games distributed worldwide

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As part of its latest financial report, the publisher Take-Two has announced figures that make you dizzy regarding GTA V, since the title of Rockstar has exceeded 50 million units distributed since 2013.

Available since 2013 on PS3 / Xbox 360, for a few months on PS4 / Xbox One and more recently on PC, GTA V (Grand Theft Auto V) is now available to all players. It's no secret that the title of Rockstar is a huge success on a global scale, ensuring sustainable revenues for its editor, Take-Two.

GTA Online - robberies - 5 "height =" 130 "width =" 231 As part of the presentation of its financial report for its last fiscal quarter, the latter declared that GTA 5 has been distributed with 52 million copies on the five platforms on which the software is available.

Please note, these are not the actual sales figures, but the copies distributed to resellers, as well as sales in dematerialized format made to players. In other words, the sales figures should be a little lower.

Take-Two had revealed that 45 million copies of GTA 5 had been distributed at the end of December 2014, meaning that 7 million games were delivered / sold in digital format during the first months of 2015.