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GSam Battery Monitor

GSam Battery Monitor is a useful, efficient and intuitive application to find out all the information on battery usage. In short, a very good way to prevent and learn more about the problems related to the battery and its autonomy.

How useful is this app?

00B4000008778070-photo-gsam-battery-monitor.jpgGSam Battery Monitor is an Android application that lets you view many advanced statistics on the battery of your tablet or smartphone. The user is able to learn more about consumption, autonomy and energy-consuming applications installed on the device.

Stats, lots of stats!

This application will not delight novice Android users but is more aimed at power users who want a complete and detailed solution on the device battery. Thus the main window offers an overview and advanced information on the current charge, the remaining capacity and the temperature of the battery.

Usage statistics are also available with the ratio and time of use of mobile data, screen phone, Wi-Fi and applications. On this last point, GSam Battery Monitor allows you to consult the detailed consumption of each installed app in order to better identify the most energy-consuming.

All this information can also be viewed in the form of graphs representing the battery charge, the use of mobile data or the battery temperature.

Its grip

The app has a simple to use interface, in English and which offers some advertisements in its free version.