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Aimed at a gay audience, this application benefits from a very active community. The latest versions, however, suffer from frequent bugs.

Thanks to the geolocation system of Grindr, you have access to the profiles of the men closest to you. On each of them, a simple photo and any information: distance, age, height, weight, type of current or desired relationship, etc.

You can get in touch with other members through a chat window. You can bookmark or block someone.

Grindr is famous for his propensity to offer evening flirts and for the preponderant place given to the physical alone. However, the application ensures that a few simple rules are respected, in particular modesty.

A monthly “Xtra” plan allows you to take advantage of many advantages: more visible profiles and photos, more search filters, no advertising, etc. You will have to pay € 10.99 for a monthly plan, and up to € 54.99 for a year plan.

However, in free as well as paid version, there are still frequent bugs: untimely disconnections, lost conversations, etc.