Graduated response: ISPs refuse to anticipate

Hadopi: no double punishment for pirates

Image 1: Graduated response: ISPs refuse to anticipateRecent statements by Christine Albanel at MIDEM in Cannes this year are likely not to please everyone, Internet users and ISPs alike. Our Minister of Culture indeed wants the Creation and Internet bill, and therefore the graduated response, to be anticipated as quickly as possible, an opinion that the access providers dispute on their side.

Minister is ahead

Will Internet service providers have to apply the Creation and Internet law before it is finally passed? This is the wish expressed by Christine Albanel at MIDEM in Cannes this year. But the ISPs are not of this opinion, and believe that the costs must be quantified so that they benefit from a counterpart. “We agree to discuss when we do not sweep away with a hand the quantified and substantiated elements that we can produce, but for the launch of these developments, that they sign the commitment to covering costs, as is the case in real life, ”explained one of the main providers of access to our colleagues at PC Inpact. “When we help the authorities to track down a pedophile, we are paid, and when it comes to music, we would not be. Where is the logic ? “

Recall that Christine Albanel not only wants to anticipate the drafting of the Creation and Internet bill before its final vote, but also wants access providers to start now to apply the main directives of this text. This could notably force ISPs to identify up to 10,000 IP addresses per day at the request of the high authority …