Goole has launched a new app called Google Photos

Google today announced the launch of a new app called Google Photos. As the name suggests, The program is supposed to help users store, organize, and share photos. The three distinguishing features of Google Photos are:


• VISUAL RESEARCH: you can now search your photos based on where they were taken and the people or items they contain. Do you want to find the fish tartare you tasted in Marseille? Search Marseille or cuisine to find it, even if the photo is not associated with any description. Note: Face recognition is not available in all countries.

• AUTOMATIC BACKUP: keep all your photos and videos safe and make them accessible from any device. Opt for unlimited and free high-quality backup in the cloud, or store up to 15 GB of photos and videos for free in their original size (storage space distributed among the different services of your Google account).

• SAVE SPACE ON YOUR DEVICE: Google Photos helps you securely erase saved photos and videos from your device. No need to delete photos to free up space!

• BRING YOUR PHOTOS TO LIFE: automatically create movies, interactive stories, montages, animations, and more.

• RETOUCHING: edit your photos with the touch of a finger. The simple but powerful photo and video editing tools let you apply filters and adjust colors.

• SHARING: share hundreds of photos instantly with shareable links and in the apps of your choice.

Google Photos is available on Android , ios and the Web .

Watch the video below to learn more about Google Photos.

Goole has launched a new app called Google Photos