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Google would close Play Music soon in favor of YouTube Music

A new rumor says that Google could end its music streaming service, Play Music. A service whose particularity is to offer each user an online space to upload their music library and listen to it online. Similar functionality will soon be coming to YouTube Music.

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Google is not known to have dme states on its services which do not meet the expected success. Many have been closed. A site called Google's cemetery lists them all. And the 2019 harvest is provided: Daydream, Allo, Inbox, YouTube Gaming or even Google+. Lanne 2020 will certainly enrich this long list. It is even rumored that a big name in Google services should be removed soon.

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This is Play Music, the music streaming service launched by Google in late 2011 to compete with Spotify. Despite a strong integration into the Android system and the Google ecosystem, Play Music has never known the success expected by Google. There are far fewer users than direct competition, including Apple Music, which arrived several years after (2015) and has become the first international alternative to Spotify. And despite the absence of a free offer. A situation that brought Google upload your music strategy to YouTube.

YouTube Music Adds Best Play Music Feature

If the closure of Play Music is a certainty for many observers, the Mountain View company never formalizes or implements it. However, a new rumor says that a milestone will be reached very soon with the arrival at YouTube Music of one of the best (and unique) features of Play Music: online storage of the music library. Play Music is indeed the only one to offer a storage space to deposit MP3 files which it is then possible to listen to in streaming from any device.

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This function, called Music Locker, should therefore arrive on YouTube Music. It will logically be less precise than that of Play Music, since YouTube Music would not support sampling greater than 256 kb / s, against 320 kb / s for its equivalent at Play Music. This service should logically be included in the premium subscription of YouTube Music (which already includes the removal of advertisements, the possibility of listening to music in the background and the downloading of songs for offline listening). YouTube Music Premium subscription is billed 10 euros per month (with one month free trial).

Source: Droidsoft

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