Google will now help you pronounce words

Google is rolling out new Google search features designed to help you pronounce words correctly. Google already has impressive language skills, but the combination of visual cues and the ability to practice pronunciations takes it a step further.

Learn to pronounce words correctly

Thousands of languages ​​are spoken around the world and each of them contains hundreds of thousands of words. Therefore, it is impossible to know all the words, even in your native language, without talking about a second or third language.

When you come across a new word or a word you don’t know, you can search online how to pronounce it. And Google will invariably help. However, Google Search is now using a few new tricks to help you pronounce words correctly.

Google learns new language skills

Google details its new language skills in an article on the keyword. The first new skill is an experimental pronunciation feature that lets you practice your language skills. The second is the addition of visuals designed to give context to the words and their meanings.

The pronunciation feature allows you to practice saying the word you are having trouble with. After you Google “How to pronounce anemone” for example, Google will show you the correct pronunciation as usual. However, you will now see a Convenient button.

Click on it and you can say the word into your microphone. Google will then tell you using voice recognition technology and machine learning. Depending on how you pronounce the word, Google will tell you how you can improve.

Google will now also provide visual representations of the words you are looking for. This is designed to help visual learners, and will be especially useful for words with multiple meanings. Google starts with names, with the hope of expanding in the future.

Will Babel Fish become a reality?

The option to practice your word pronunciations is available in American English, followed closely by Spanish. Visual cue cards are also available in English now and in all translations. This is only mobile at the moment.

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Google is improving its game when it comes to language skills. In addition to these new Google search features, Google Maps can now translate place names . It sure won’t be long before the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’s Babel Fish becomes a reality.