Google unveils Pixel 4 to cut leaks short

Image 1 : Google dévoile le Pixel 4 pour couper court aux fuites

Image 1: Google unveils the Pixel 4 to stop leaks

We are still several months away from the official release of the Pixel 4, the next high-end smartphone from Google. Leaks, however, are starting to multiply, much to the dismay of the Mountain View giant. To remedy these constant information leaks, the company has therefore decided to unveil an official photograph of his device.

“As it seems that people are interested, here is a photo! Wait to see what he can do. ” As we can see, the company’s tweet is very laconic, and it does not bring us no specification informations of the device. The tweet will at least have the advantage of confirming that the Pixel 4 will sport a multi-camera module on his back.

In addition, other sources claim that the Pixel 4 will offer gesture control functionality, called “Aware”, thanks to the famous Project Soli chip. This miniature radar system will allow you to control your device with subtle hand movements. This technology will probably not be reserved for smartphones, since Google intends to integrate it into watches and other connected objects.

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