Google unpacks the iPhone X in its latest ad for the Pixel 3

Image 1 : Google dézingue l’iPhone X dans sa dernière pub pour le Pixel 3

Image 1: Google unzips the iPhone X in its latest ad for the Pixel 3

Google intends to launch an advertising campaign comparing two shots taken under identical conditions, but with different smartphones. One was taken with Pixel 3, while the other was captured with a cheekily competing device called Phone X (it’s actually a iPhone Xs, as shown in small type in the photo).

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We know it, Pixel 3 Night Mode Gives Impressive Results in low light. Google is well aware of this and intends to make an impression through an advertising campaign which will be unveiled in its entirety during the American High Mass of the Super Bowl, on February 3.

A quick glance at the poster tells us that there is indeed no comparison possible. The image taken with the iPhone Xs is too dark, and with the exception of the neon lights of the buildings located in the background, no details stand out. The model’s face is indistinguishable, her silhouette is barely visible.

With the Pixel 3, conversely, the dark areas are unblocked, the model and the clouds are clearly visible, and the scene is lit up almost like in broad daylight. The effect, if it is not natural, remains fascinating, because this image is obtained without any flash.

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The Pixel 3’s Night mode was not available when the smartphone was launched, which is why Google’s communication about this functionality dedicated to night photography was non-existent. The mountain view firm is therefore having a unique opportunity with the Super Bowl to draw the attention of the majority of the American population to its product.