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Google Translate

Google Translate is without a doubt the best free translation app for Android. With more than 100 languages ​​available, instant voice translations and translation from the camera, this application is at the same time complete, powerful and very practical during trips and meetings.

Translate text into over 100 languages

Launched in 2005, Google Translate is a free service for translating text, photos and voice, offline for 59 languages.

Over the updates, the application has been enriched and offers the translation of 103 languages ​​through text input. If the text input is not suitable, it is also possible to draw characters instead of using the keyboard and translate handwriting in 93 languages. Translation is also available in other applications thanks to the function Tap to translate allowing you to select text in an app and choose the translation from the options.

Automatic translation of voice conversations

Google Translate takes translators to a new era with machine translation with two-way voice recognition in 32 languages. It is thus possible to discuss each in turn in its language or to leave the Auto mode to recognize and translate each interlocutor.

Each person can thus consult the voice translation of the other in text or through voice synthesis. The application also offers an individual translation thanks to voice recognition, just speak in their first language to read the translation or listen to the speech synthesis according to language. Even if the app sometimes takes a few seconds to perform the translation, it is clear that the voice recognition is excellent.

The camera to translate everything

Whether it’s an information panel, a notice or an article in a newspaper, Google Translate allows you to instantly translate text using the camera in 38 languages. To do this, 3 modes exist: Instant just point the camera at the text and replace it on the screen, To scan to take a photo, select the text and translate it then finally Import to choose an image from the gallery.