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Google to compete with Instagram photo app

Google to compete with Instagram photo app

Google is now making its new Snapseed app available for free to Apple and Android mobile devices.


The Snapseed app is now available on Google Play and the App Store, said Vic Gundotra, Google vice president, in a post on the group’s blog. "The application is free in both cases," he added.

Google had bought in September the designer of Snapseed, the German company Nik Software. This Instagram competitor’s mobile app was previously only available for Apple’s iOS operating system, and was priced at $ 4.99.

This application allows you to take, edit and share photos on the social network, just like Instagram, the world's leading photo application.

Instagram claims more than 100 million users. It was bought in September by the online social network Facebook, for a final sum of $ 747 million, and was talked about this week by deactivating the functionality allowing to view its photos on the micro-blog network Twitter .

Snapseed can now be integrated into Google’s social network, Google+, which now has 135 million active users, the internet giant said on Thursday. Facebook claims more than a billion active users.

But "today, Google+ is the fastest growing online network," said Gundotra. "More than 500 million people have created their accounts," including 135 million who share things on the news feed, he said.

Finally, he announced the creation within Google+ of groups, called "communities", in order to give members of the network the possibility of "creating permanent spaces around (their) centers of interest".

Download the Snapseed app for free from the App Store.

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(Source: AFP with Belgium-iPhone)

Demonstration of the Snapseed application: