Google thinks of your well-being, but not that of its pixels

Image 1 : Google pense à votre bien-être, mais pas à celui de ses Pixel

Image 1: Google thinks of your well-being, but not that of its pixels

The application Digital well-being (Digital wellbeing in VO) is available since last year. Its objective is simple: to prevent owners from passing too much time on their smartphone. They are thus invited to take a short break in case they remain stuck in front of a film. However, this prevention reduces the performance of Pixel and all models are affected.

Disabling the wellness app improves responsiveness

Evidence relating to the deactivation of Digital well-being have multiplied on social networks. According to users, apps open faster. In addition, they no longer have to wait (a little) when switching between different programs. In short, the reactivity is better and response time reduced to a minimum. Disabling the wellness app would also increase thebattery life.

Digital wellbeing is easy to deactivate. Just select “Digital Well-being” in the Google application settings. Then you have to head for the three little dots verticals located at the top of the screen. Deactivation is offered among the different options.

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