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Google starts sharing photos on iOS

Google starts sharing photos on iOS

The glove of the Internet offers its new application “Photovine” which allows to share photos with contacts under different themes.

Google has released its new app on the App Store in the United States. “Photovine”, that’s its name, allows you, like other applications such as Instagram, Color, Hisptamatic, to share photos with your contacts but distinguishes itself by integrating a specific social component, vines.

Vines are in fact thematic flows that users will be able to create and to which their contacts with whom they share them can add their contribution. It is possible, for example, to create a vine titled My birthday with a photo of this event and invite its contacts to publish theirs.

Photovine was developed by Slide, a company acquired by Google last year. Currently this application is only and curiously available for the iOS platform. Its availability on the Belgian App Store should not be long. At least we hope so.

Download Photovine from the US App Store (free).

We discuss it on the forum.

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