Google Stadia: the streaming game service is finally available on iPhone and iPad

It’s official, Stadia is finally coming to iOS. This was not a given for Google, which had to contend with Apple’s policies of restrictions on streaming game services. Many games will thus be available for players on iPhone and iPad, such as the very recent Cyberpunk 2077.

Google Stadia on iOS

Will play Cyberpunk 2077 on his iPhone, it is now possible. Google announced a few weeks ago the arrival of Stadia on iOs via Safari, much to Apple’s dismay. It is now done, with the beta version of its web application which was launched today. Web application, yes, since the Cupertino company still does not want to allow streaming game services to be deployed on its operating system.

To be able to access the platform, you will therefore need to perform a simple manipulation. It suffices in fact toadd the web page to your home screen to take advantage of the full capabilities of the service. Google ensures that the latter thus works exactly like a native application, although it will not be downloaded by the App Store.

Google Stadia on iOS

Stadia arrives on iPhone and iPad

The first tests ensure the good functioning from Stadia on iOS devices. Cyberpunk 2077 in particular, which had a very difficult start and for which CD Projekt had “Underestimated the scale of the problems”, would thus run correctly on iPhone. Google still wanted to cancel the promotional campaign in partnership with the release of the game, a decision that turned out to be wise.

Nonetheless, using a controller, whether it’s a Stadia, DualShock, or Xbox controller is fstrongly recommended. The application indeed offers the possibility of playing from the touch controls directly on the screen of the device, but these turn out quickly limited on most titles, especially FPS requiring precision and increased reactivation.

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This arrival on iOS could well fuel the rise of Stadia. Since its release, the service has improved considerably and takes into account the latest advancements, including testing 4G and 5G streaming games. Google undoubtedly wants to welcome as many people as possible on its platform and this novelty could well help it achieve its goal. With the upcoming arrival of 400 games in development on the service, Stadia is undoubtedly becoming a real player in the world of video games.

Source: The Verge