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Google removes AnTuTu performance measurement tools from the Play Store

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If you're looking for AnTuTu apps on the Play Store, don't waste your time. Google has indeed removed the three Benchmark software from the Chinese publisher. The reason behind this withdrawal would be related to the owner of AnTuTu. It would be Cheetah Mobile whose applications were removed from the Play Store a few weeks ago.

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It's not uncommon for Google to remove an app from the Play Store. If the rules are less strict than on the Apple App Store, the shop of the Mountain View firm wants to be a safe place for anyone who wants to enrich their experience on Android. When Gooogle considers that an application is not secure or that it does not respect certain rules (in particular in terms of permission), the firm deletes it, without notice.

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And this seems to have been the case with AnTuTu applications. The three performance measurement tools developed by the Chinese publisher and used by many bloggers, journalists and specialists in the mobile phone industry no longer available. These are AnTuTu Benchmark, AnTuTu 3DBench and AITuTu Benchmark, information released by the analytical software AppBrain and relayed by the Android Police website. This withdrawal is recent, since we carried out tests on the Oppo A9 (2020) last week using AntTuTu Benchmark. The application was therefore accessible there.

A deletion linked to the owner of AntuTu

If you want to download AnTuTu software again on Android, please be aware that APKs can be downloaded from the publisher's official website. You just have to launch the APK from a smartphone authorizing the installation of archives from sources other than the Play Store. Of course, by doing this, you lose the protection that the Play Store provided. According to Android Police, the reason for the withdrawal is not related to the apps themselves, but probably owner of these tools: Cheetah Mobile. It would seem that the two companies are closely linked.

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Cheetah Mobile, designer of the Clean Master optimization suite, is a publisher who does not have a good reputation with Google. All of the company's products were removed from the Play Store at the end of February. Cheetah Mobile would not have complied with the rules of the Play Store in terms of collecting personal data and displaying banner ads, among other things. The removal of all apps from Cheetah Mobile was part of a larger app removal campaign that violated Play Store rules. 600 applications were removed from the store a few weeks ago.

Source: Android Police

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