Google Podcasts: more design and more practical, the application changes its look

Google’s podcast application sees its interface somewhat modified to focus on the essential: ergonomics. More room is left for the control buttons, with some controls removed from the playback screen. The update is already available for beta users.

Google Podcast new design
Credit: 9to5Google

It’s no longer a secret that podcasts are wildly successful. Many applications now make it possible to listen to “21st century radio” and it is therefore no surprise that Google is going with its proposal. Available in beta since last year, Google Podcasts has attracted no less than 50 million users.

An update to its interface has recently been deployed, with the aim of improve ergonomics from the playback screen. Simpler and more airy, this new design sees the disappearance of some of the control buttons to give priority to the essential. No complete overhaul therefore, but minor changes that make navigation in the application more agreable.

A new, more airy reading screen

The update move the play bar directly under the podcast title and the name of its author. Access to the control buttons is thus more intuitive and its use more precise, since it is noticeably wider than in the previous version. Below is the play button, along with the now traditional rewind and fast forward buttons.

The queue button is now next to the control buttons. If the design loses some of its symmetry, this change frees up space on the lower part of the interface, which was rife with options. The playback speed button occupies the left position, the “Streaming” button the center and the main menu the right.

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The latter gives access to options “Share” and “Mark as read”. Formerly in the taskbar, the program shutdown button has been moved to this menu, and now only offers programmed times : 5, 10, 15, 30, 35 minutes, 1 hour and “End of episode”. This new design is available today in the version 11.42 from Google Podcast.

Source: 9to5Google