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Google Play Store20.5.19

The Android application and game store Google Play Store is still essential. It offers a very large catalog of apps and games as well as their updates. The application is simple to use and will expand the functionality of a smartphone or tablet.

Contents of the Play Store presentation
1. what is the Google Play Store for? 2. Why install the APK of the Play Store? 3. What are the features of the Play Store? 4. The ergonomics of the Play Store 5. Video presentation of the Play Store

1. What is the Google Play Store for?

Installed by default on Android tablets and smartphones, Google Play Store is the reference store for Android offering millions of free and paid games and applications. It is also useful for accessing a rich catalog of films and TV series, books and music.

With more than 2 million applications and games on the clock, its developer Google is anchored in the continuation of the model of its predecessor: the Android Market.

2. Why install this APK?

While it is integrated on the vast majority of Android devices certified by Google, the user may need to manually install the Play Store in several cases as with devices of Chinese brands that are not certified by Google. Installation can also be useful when using alternative and custom ROMs like Cyanogen.

3. What are the features of the Play Store?

Google Play Store offers referencing and downloading of applications, games, films, music, books and newspapers. The set is classified by categories, via selections or popularity rankings. Recommendations are also offered as well as thematic selections for games and applications.

Each file has its own file describing its specificities, user reviews and sometimes, a trailer. Audio samples are also available for the albums in the shop.

To simplify the download and purchase of content, the Play Store saves the user’s payment data. Google Account synchronization automatically downloads games and apps installed on older devices.

4. The ergonomics of the Play Store

Fully available in French, the interface of Google Play is simple to handle. The user can easily browse the various catalogs and update their catalog of apps and games by Wi-Fi or via the mobile network.

5. Video presentation of the Play Store

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