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Google Play Store: you can turn off automatic video playback

Maj. the December 23, 2019 17 h 57 min

The Google Play Store acquired a new feature in September 2019: automatic videos. Mostly associated with games, they allow you to access the trailer on Youtube of a title, directly on the Play Store. It is now possible to deactivate this feature.

Crédits: Phonandroid

In September 2019, Google launched a new feature on the Google Play Store: automatic videos. Concretely, it was just a matter of being able to accesstrailers of an application or a game (mostly games) published on Youtube, directly on its page in the Play Store. This video appears first in the picture carousel. In addition, these automatic videos also appear on the home page of the Play Store, especially in the suggestions that the market place offer you.

In fact, several videos can succeed and hinder / slow down navigation on the Google Play Store. To remedy this, Google has just announced the possibility of control the parameters of automatic videos with three new options.

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How to deactivate automatic videos?

If this feature annoys you and you want to deactivate it, you must first go to the settingsfrom the Google Play Store. Then click on Automatically play videos. You have three options:

  • Always read videos automatically (possibility of additional data charges)
  • Automatically play videos via Wi-Fi only
  • Don't automatically play videos

You are free to choose the option that interests you. The second is the one applied by default by the Google Play Store. Note that it is imperative to be under version 17.9.17 of the Google Play Store to be able to take advantage of these options. This update ofmarket place has brought its share of new features, starting with the possibility of sharing paid applications with friends or family members (6 paying persons), or even a storage manager. If there is not enough space to download an app, the Play Store will suggest apps to delete based on usage time. You can find all the contributions of this version on our article dedicated to the latest APK from the Google Play Store.

Crédits: Phonandroid