"Google Play Services are updating": how to fix the Honor / Huawei smartphones bug?

"Google Play Services are updating": how to fix the Honor / Huawei smartphones bug?

You encounter the error message "Google Play Services are updating" on your Honor or Huawei smartphone and you want to know how to fix the problem. In this article, we have compiled all the information that can help you identify and solve the problem step by step.

"Google Play Services are updating" error message: why this happens

The problem: a recent update of Google Play Services has resulted in a whole series of bugs on Huawei and Honor smartphones. If you have a device of these brands, you may have noticed that some of your applications (such as Tripadvisor for example) that access Google Maps do not work as advertised. An error message in English appears: "Google Play Services are updating".

androidpit bug huawei
"Google Play Services are updating" error message. AndroidPIT

The reason : according to user testimonials on the Google Product Forums and Google Issue Tracker, the problem is most likely from the latest Google Play services update (12.6.73). What is the concern? The latest version would have broken the integration of Google Maps and location sharing in some applications, making some applications useless.

Smartphones affects: on the Internet, it is on the Huawei and Honor smartphones that the problem occurs. At AndroidPIT, we were able to show concern with an Honor 10 and a Huawei P20 Pro.

Key applications: we successfully recreated the problem with all applications that access Google Maps.

Android versions concerned: this concern appears on all versions of Android.

Will Google fix the problem?

Good news, Huawei (and Honor) and Google are aware of the problem. For Google, the problem is an "unexpected modification of file system permissions". The Mountain View firm said it would implement an update very soon, without specifying a specific date.

How to solve the problem "Google Play Services are updating" meanwhile?

While waiting for the update, it is advisable to use the good old recipes for all the bugs. You can disable Google Play Services and restart the phone. You can also remove the application's cache or uninstall the application's update, even if the problems may re-emerge.

androidpit google play services huawei
Uninstalling updates from Google Play Services can solve the problem. AndroidPIT

If you have a Huawei or Honor device and you have a problem with Google Play services, let us know in the comments below!

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