Google Pixel 4 XL: 90 Hz screen test on video

Google Pixel 4 XL: 90 Hz screen test on video

Google’s Pixel 4 Xl is once again in a video. You can see the smartphone in action in video games. A test that gives you an idea of ​​the technical capabilities of Google’s flagship 2019.

Image 1: Google Pixel 4 XL: 90 Hz screen test on video

Posted by the Vietnamese channel ReLab, this new video focuses more specifically on the video game aspect of the Pixel 4 XL. A choice that is not trivial. The commentator thus indicates that the screen of this smartphone would offer a 90 Hz panel. It is a high refresh rate which clearly promotes playability at high speed.

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The Pixel 4 XL is made for video games

Equipped probably with a Snapdragon 855 from Qualcomm (and not an 855+), the Pixel 4 XL would come with 6 GB of RAM. Characteristics of good tone for the end of 2019. Not surprisingly, the ReLab test is going without a hitch. Tested on PUBG, the supposed Pixel 4 Xl does not flinch. The presenter adds that the grip is good, with enough edges so as not to touch the screen inadvertently when it is held horizontal.

The Pixel 4 XL also remains quite thin and light. The battery probably has something to do with it. It would be 3700 mAh on this large 6.3-inch model. We would gain 270 mAh compared to the Pixel 3 XL. Unfortunately not sure that this is enough to forget the bad autonomy of the latter.

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The launch of the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL is expected for mid-October. In the meantime, Google does not seem to be able to cut the valves because the leaks are multiplying like these three videos of the Pixel 4 XL appeared yesterday on YouTube, showing the device in all its aspects. At the heart of this marketing debacle is Vietnam, the three grips coming from the land of the Dragon. One reason for this, Google has chosen to move the production of its devices to this country to avoid import taxes from China, arising from the policy led by Donald Trump.