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Google Photos tests a subscription: receive your 10 best photos on paper every month

Google is currently testing a subscription offer for Google Photos. Billing $ 8, this service automatically prints 10 photos of your library, selected by Google’s AI, every month. The user can choose what type of photos they want in the selection.

Google Photos

If there is one thing that comes up often, especially when we talk about it with our children, it is the disappearance of paper photos. This is not surprising since the smartphone has largely won over film cameras, but also over photo albums. Between Android and its ever more practical services, Google is at the forefront of this cultural change. However, if some people do without paper photos very easily, others object that looking at photos on their smartphone is not the same thing.

So of course we can print them at home. But for best results, it is better to suspect a specialized printer. Or use online printing services. But in 2020, the use of printing, whether at home or via online services, tends to accompany major events and special occasions. For example, you will be more likely to offer a photo album at a wedding, anniversary, to celebrate a graduation, or to commemorate a trip.

Could this be a sign that Google is remorseful? The California firm is testing a subscription offer for Google Photos. Invoice 8 dollars, this option allows you to receive ten of your photos on paper every month. You just have to indicate in the application if you want the selection to contain mainly faces (including those of your pets), or landscapes, or a bit of everything. Google’s artificial intelligence does the rest.

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But you have the final say: if you don't like a photo, you can obviously replace it. This test is intended for those who want to frame their photos or offer them as a gift guide. For the time being, you must reside in the United States and join the test, by invitation. What do you think of this service? Share your opinion in the comments.

Source: Engadget