Google Photos now shows your journeys on Maps

Google Photos has just added a small interesting feature: the ability to see your journeys on Maps based on your photos. A fun way to analyze your movements. It is of course possible to deactivate this option.

Trips are retroactive on Photos

Google Photos already offers to display your photos on a map via Google Maps, directly in the application. The latter now adds another very nice little feature: be able to analyze your journeys between two photos.

Snapshots taken and saved to Google Photos were already appearing on Maps and were represented by hot spots (the redder the point, the more photos taken at that location). Now it is possible to see your journey of the day between two shots.

Thus, you can review the journeys of a day, just to relive this moment, important or not. This new functionality is retroactive. We have indeed found journeys of several years with a certain precision.

A deactivatable option

However, it still deserves some tweaking. The option is indeed not practical, neither to find, nor to use. To access it, you must open Google Photos (on Android) then go to the tab Research. Then just tap the tile Your card. The search for routes is done directly via the map tab, and not photos, so in one direction.

It is of course possible to deactivate this tracing. In the tab Your card, you have to go to options (the three small dots at the top right) and uncheck the tab View your private trips. Not everyone wants to see their actions recorded by Google. It should be noted that trip recording is enabled by default.


Google Maps improves in small increments over the months. Not long ago, dark mode was rolled out after more than a year of waiting. The app has also improved Stree View. It is now possible to add a panorama yourself if none is available via the camera of your smartphone.

In any case, the addition of trips was done discreetly. Are you going to use it to relive certain moments? On the contrary, will you hasten to disable the option so as not to be tracked down by Google? Tell us in the comments !