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Google Photos now allows you to manually tag people, download APK

Google Photos 4.32.1 now allows you to tag or manually identify people in your photos. Functionality is still based on Google's AI, however, so the smartphone must have a face before it can be identified. Here's how to use the feature and how to update your application to enjoy it.

Updating Google Photos

Google Photos 4.32.1 adds a new feature very useful: the ability to manually tag people in photos. Until then, Google Photos was about automatically identifying all the faces that its AI detects in the clichs. With sometimes rats or omissions. The new feature allows you to identify people when the algorithm does not recognize them, to tag people you only have a handful of photos, and also facilitates this task in images with many faces.

It is also possible to edit these tags a posteriori. However this feature has a limit: it is still based on the AI ​​of Google Photos. In other words, if Google Photos does not detect a face in an image, you will not be able to tag anything at all. You will never be able to tag an arbitrary part of the image either.

How to manually tag a face

It's very simple:

  • Open Google Photos 4.32.1
  • Open a photo you want to tag
  • Make a swipe from bottom to top to display the action menu
  • You will then need to see the avatars of recognized faces – tap the pencil icon at the top of this section
  • Touch one of the avatars available the addition
  • You can then associate this face with an already existing person or add it

The procedure is similar if you want to edit or delete a tag: go to the pencil icon in the actions menu, and tap the detected avatars to access more options.

How to download APK

As usual, this update has a local component and a ct server component. It is recommended that you update Google Photos to the latest version 4.32.1, which you can do directly through the Google Play Store, or by downloading the app's APK directly from the Techspot site. The manual tag is being deployed so it is possible that despite this update, it will take a few more days for the feature to appear in your application. Click on one of the links below to update your version of Google Photos:

Google Photos 4.32.1 on the Google Play Store

Google Photos 4.32.1 APK on Techspot