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Google Photos 1.19

Google Photos is Picasa’s worthy successor. This Android application allows you to share albums, automatically create montages and centralize thousands of photos in a secure online storage space, simple to use, free and unlimited in storage space. An application to discover without waiting!

What is Google Photos for?

Following the closure of Picasa, Google developed a service called Google Photos, dedicated to the storage and centralized management of photos on several devices. The free Android application allows you to store photos and videos in high resolution online and in synchronization between your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet and your PC or Mac via a web browser.

In addition, artificial is used because it allows you to automatically group your photos either according to people or via their theme. However, facial recognition does not work by default because of French law. The recognition by theme is somewhat random to recognize animals for example.

Classify, manage and centralize your photos

Google Photos is very practical to search photo albums either by keywords or by geolocation. This application is also appreciated because it frees up storage space on the phone because the photos are concretely stored online in a secure space, free and of unlimited size. On this last point, unlimited storage concerns snapshots of a maximum of 16 million pixels and videos with a maximum resolution of 1080p.

Sharing functions

The app Google Photos is also useful for creating photo albums shared with other users. You can share a photo album with your contacts by email or SMS.

Among other features, the application offers the possibility of making animations from images or montages in order to paste several photos to make only one. The user also has several retouching options in order to adjust the framing, brightness or vignetting of the photos. Filters are also integrated to add a touch of originality to your photos.

Interface side:

As well suited to smartphones as to tablets, Google Photos is simple to use and available in French.