Google Phone: it will be possible to automatically record calls from unknown numbers

Recording calls with Google Phone could soon be done automatically for numbers not in Contacts. New lines of code have been discovered within the application and indicate that Google is preparing to deploy this feature. A prevention screen will be displayed to inform both parties of the recording.

Google phone
Credit: mobilesyrup

Available since August 2020 on Android smartphones, the Google Phone application continues to improve and gain in functionality. At the beginning of last year, the Mountain View firm announced the possibility of recording voice calls. Originally only rolled out to Pixels, Nokia and Xiaomi devices in turn embraced the feature. Google does not intend to stop there and wants to make automatic recording in the event of a call from a number that is not not saved in contacts.

This is indeed what certain lines of code unearthed in the latest version of the application indicate. When calling, users will see a message asking if they want to activate automatic recording of unknown calls to the directory. Two options will be available: “Always save” and “To close”. Once the settings have been saved, it will be possible activate and deactivate the functionality at will.

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Google Phone warns before recording calls

We also find in the lines of codes concerned a prevention message about the implications of recording conversations. “You and the other party to the call may be in an area requiring each other’s consent to be recorded. Each participant will be notified in advance that the call will be recorded. You are responsible for complying with applicable laws regarding call recording. The recordings will only be stored on your phone ”.

After the feature that announces the name or phone number of the caller out loud, Google is therefore continuing to improve its increasingly popular application. However, the company has not communicated any information on the future functionality for the moment. It is also important to specify that these lines of code do not necessarily indicate that the latter will be available during the next update of Telephone, and that it may thus arrive in even later versions.

Source: XDA Developers