Google paid $ 9.5 billion to Apple in 2018

google - Google a versé 9,5 milliards de dollars à Apple en 2018


Posted: February 14 2019
Updated: February 13, 2019

by Steve

In 2018, Google contributed an astronomical sum to the apple brand: $ 9.5 billion. In other words, this amount represents 20% of the turnover of the Services section.Apple, which brings together the App Store, the iTunes Store, the iCloud, Apple Music, and soon Apple Video and Apple News. This full pot price, far from being unusual, increases from year to year. It is due to the little agreement that the two American giants have…

google - Google paid $ 9.5 billion to Apple in 2018

In front of Microsoft, Yahoo or DuckDuckGo, Google pays such an amount to Apple to be the default search engine of the browser Safari, sure iPhone, iPad and Mac. Far from trivial, the fact that Safari is the default browser for apple devices “forces” its millions of users to search via Google, not via Bing, for example.

The $ 9.5 billion is paid in full to Apple. This allows Google to secure these market shares in an increasingly competitive industry. In the early 2010s, the amount paid by Google to Apple was “only” a billion dollars. The amount, in 9 years, has therefore been multiplied by 10! An astronomical tariff which in any case serves the two parties involved. Apple is funding itself, and Google is ensuring a good representation…