Google no longer wants Boston Dynamics or its robots

Google no longer wants Boston Dynamics or its robots

After a takeover in 2013, Boston Dynamics and Google are preparing to take separate paths. Alphabet, the parent company of Google, indicated that it was now looking for a buyer for the company and two players in the sector have already made themselves known: Toyota Research Institute and Amazon.

Boston Dynamics will always have been a UFO within Google, but it is the difficult relations with the parent company and the development of some scary robots that will have sealed the divorce. In addition, Boston Dynamics has been developing for several years what appears to be the most advanced robots, but all are only platforms and no operational robot release has taken place in 3 years. The company did not want to focus on robots aimed at the general public.


The firm retains its preference for partnerships with Darpa, the technological laboratory of the American army, and as such, it has developed several platforms: the Spot dog robot or the Atlas humanoid. Google had decided to end these partnerships after the takeover, a choice which caused complications in its relations with Boston Dynamics.

Beyond the tensions, the productions of Boston Dynamics, sometimes worrying, have somewhat tarnished the image of Google. Admittedly, the videos which demonstrate the progress of the firm's robots, regularly published on YouTube, are very interesting, but they also frighten some Internet users. Google therefore no longer wishes to be associated with these images and these robots.