Google Nexus 6P: known problems and their solutions

Google Nexus 6P: known problems and their solutions

like many others, the latest Google Nexus 6P is not immune to hardware and software problems. The good news is that most of these problems are really easy to solve. In this new article, we are going to mention the most common / known concerns and help you correct them, if possible.

Nexus 6P: the rear window broke for no reason

After a few days of use, some owners of Nexus 6P said they found their Nexus 6P with the rear window breeze, while it had not suffered any shock since it was placed on a table. Accused wrongly by other owners of Nexus 6P who did not want to believe it. In this story, the funniest is that some of them also found themselves with the glass of their Nexus 6P broken their turn. Fun at first, it is especially alarming but the concern would come from a bad production line, according to Huawei.

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<p style=To solve this problem, there are not 36 solutions: playing the guarantee is the best solution. Without too much trouble, Huawei can replace it with a new one or repair the defective part.

Nexus 6P: in the car, Bluetooth behaves strangely

Since the release of the final version of Android 6.0 Marshmallow in November 2015, most users have reported that they have discovered Bluetooth issues. Stakeholders in many ways, the most common of these are: incoming calls that fail or out of sync between the Nexus 6P and the connect object. the time we write these lines, Google has said already on the spot to solve this quickly.

Nexus 6P: connected to the PC, the mobile does not charge?

By plugging the Nexus 6P into the computer, it is possible that the charge will not trip. In itself, this is not really a problem since it is a bad option. To fix this, you have to go through the notification bar at first. Then click on the 'Select a USB configuration' option. From there you have to check the 'Load only' option. From there, your Nexus 6P starts charging.

google nexus 6p problems solutions 00
If the Nexus 6P does not load in USB on the PC, check that the correct option is checked. AndroidPIT

Nexus 6P: why my screen looks yellow

the naked, it is quite difficult to make the finding, but the difference is largely seen once the Nexus 6P compared a Nexus 5 in True HD IPS + LCD, in particular. But here's the question: Why does the AMOLED screen on my Nexus 6P look blue or yellow? . To answer frankly, this is a concern about OLED technology. The LEDs can not have a pure white since they must in return assure / display a black as deep as possible. This same black is the strength of technology since when they are, these famous LEDs remain dyed, and therefore non-consuming. Beyond that, be aware that the OLED technology does not display faithful colors, but fluo to type in it.

Nexus 5X vs Nexus 6P 6The notch of your Nexus 6P is slightly blue or yellow? AMOLED technology is the cause. AndroidPIT

In conclusion, there are some Nexus 6P with notches more or less blue and others more or less yellowed. Once again, this depends on production lines that vary according to various factors. If you want to get closer to more faithful colors, there is an option (for the moment) that allows you to modify the colors slightly. To do this, go to the ddies options for developers (details). From there, look for the option 'Color mode of images' and activate it. After three seconds, the hue changes slightly.

Nexus 6P: music stopped for no reason

This problem is not unique to the Nexus 6P, but Google Now. If you are one of the users who activated the detection option 'From any screen' of Ok Google! , the voice assistant is then able to capture all the surrounding sounds, including your voice. In a conversation, you may utter a sentence that contains the word "Ok" followed by an abbreviation that looks like Google. From there, the voice assistant will automatically switch off by cutting the music or video you are listening to.

google nexus 6p problems solutions 01
If music often stops without reason, Google Now may be the cause. AndroidPIT

To fix this and not be drang, you will have to sacrifice this function by disabling it.

Nexus 6P: the phone twists like a banana?

Remember the scandal around the iPhone 6 Plus that was writhing very easily after being ranked in the near. You do not know the best? The Nexus 6P has the same problem. We have not paid too much attention to it at school, but it is easy to understand that in physics a long and very fine object is more likely to twist than another, which is shorter and thicker; finally it depends on the material. In itself, the Nexus 6P is no more fragile than a smartphone, you just do not put it in your near back and sit on it.

Have you had any other problems with the Google Nexus 6P. This article is for a, so lick yourself.

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