Google Nexus 5X: known problems and their solutions

Google Nexus 5X: known problems and their solutions

Announced by Google in October 2015, the Nexus 5X is now available worldwide (or almost), including France and most French-speaking countries. On this occasion, we made the decision to devote a new article dedicated to users who are likely to encounter problems of hardware and / or software trying to propose solutions. Without waiting, let's talk about known problems and Nexus 5X solutions.

Nexus 5X Yellow Screen Trouble

Like the LED screen technology, its rival LCD does not escape the defects, finally only for certain series of production. Believe the returns put by the community, there would be some Nexus 5X with different screen defects, but the most report is certainly that of the yellowed screen. At a time when the AMOLED notches display very flashy colors or some Sony Xperia's are blue or purple, the Nexus 5X that you have or will soon be getting may have a notch with a hue. yellowish.

google nexus 5x problems solutions yellow screen default image 00
Here is an example of the default yellow screen on the Nexus 5X (left) on the side of a Sony Xperia (right). NaldoTech

Excluding the comparison with a Nexus 5X no defect, it remains quite complex to see if the screen is yellowed or not naked. To check it out, just take a blank piece of paper and compare it with the size of your Nexus 5X. You should be fixated in a matter of seconds. Anyway, do not hesitate to make yourself heard. If you notice this kind of defect on your Nexus 5X, we can only advise you to play the warranty for a replacement of the smartphone by Google or the concerned dealer.

Nexus 5X performance issue

If the Nexus 5X is experiencing performance concerns, it may be because one or more bugs are immiscs in the software. To fix this, the first thing to do is to check if the version / build number of Android of your Nexus 5X is day or not. Then, note that a new version of Android may take some time to be compatible with all applications, because the developers of the latter have not yet necessarily optimized. In short, it may be that bugs crash and cause malfunctions that can be characterized by crashes until redmarrages random the device.

nexus 5x a disappointment for me that's why hero image 00
Applications not compatible with Marshammlow can create bugs within the Nexus 5X. Google

To eliminate bugs or slowdowns, the best way is to start on a clean basis:

Photo capture problem behind the Nexus 5X

Following a space problem, LG said it had to mount the back camera of all its Nexus 5X upside down, which is why alternative applications ddies the camera take pictures upside down, except for the official Google app. Why ? For those who are unaware, the application 'Google Camera' is based on 'Camera API2' which is a function able to know if the sensor is in the right direction, the difference of alternative applications, available on the Google Play, which are still based on 'Camera API1'.

androidpit Nexus 5X 6
The problem of taking photos upside down can be solved with the Nexus 5X. AndroidPIT

Suddenly, it remains only for developers to adopt this new level of API for their application. In addition to putting the camra back in the right direction, this API makes it possible to realize photos in RAW (gross format), in particular. To learn more about these famous cameras ddis, go to

Nexus 5X battery life problem

If you happen to notice abnormal battery leaks or simply do not enjoy battery life, be aware that it is now possible to know what is consuming what in your Android device. For this, the menu ddi the battery hosts a new option that allows you to see the amount consumed in mAh processors. To find this feature, go to 'Battery', then click on a process:

tips tricks android 6 0 marshmallow see find consumption battery mah process applications image 01
Since Android 6.0, it is possible to see the amount of mAh battery consumed by the processes. AndroidPIT

Do you want more? It is indeed possible to go further. By going to the section dedicated to applications, note that each application profile is now split into a sub-menu. Among them there is a call 'Battery', where it is possible to consult the details of the energy consumption of the application. Plutt nice, this allows users to have a real opinion based on the battery capacity.

tips tricks android 6 0 marshmallow see find consumption battery mah process applications image 02
For even more details, it is possible to see the same thing in each application profile. AndroidPIT

If you want to broaden your knowledge on Android, know that you can improve the autonomy of your Nexus 5X by following tutorials. For this, we recommend two in particular that are:

Have you noticed any other recurring concerns? If that's the case, let's talk about it in the comments.

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