Google Nest Hub: the Soli gesture detector will monitor your sleep

Google is currently working on a new Nest Hub connected speaker. According to the first leaks, this new accessory would be equipped with the same Soli radar as the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. Absent from the Pixel 5, this gesture detector should make a comeback on Google’s next speaker in order to offer users a new sleep tracking system.

google nest hub soli project

Announced at the end of 2019, the Pixel 4 stood out in particular by the integration of a revolutionary remote navigation system inherited from the Soli project. This technology makes it possible to control certain functions of the smartphone by gesturing with the hands. Despite the colossal sums invested by Google, this technology, renamed Motion sense, failed to convince users.

Under these conditions, Google has decided not to not integrate the Soli radar into its Pixel 5. However, the Mountain firm assures us that the Motion Sense gesture detector is not dead. According to the information collected by our colleagues at 9to5Google, Google will also integrate the gesture sensor into its next connected speaker, the Nest Hub.

A connected speaker with a new Google sleep tracking system

Integrated into a smart speaker, the Soli sensor will be used to measure the quality of sleep of users. Placed on a bedside table, instead of the traditional alarm clock, the speaker will analyze the movements of users during the night. Based on the data collected, the Nest Hub will offer a summary of nightly readings when waking up, like a connected bracelet.

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That’s not all. According to information retrieved by 9to5Google from the website of the FCC, an American certification body, the Soli radar will also allow users toactivate certain features with simple gestures, such as the music or video player.

According to the media, Google should launch this new Nest Hub in the course of 2021. The speaker will therefore join the Nest Hub, which we tested, the Nest Mini and the Nest Hub Max. On the price side, the Soli edition would be placed between the standard Nest Hub (at 129 €) and the Nest Hub Max (sold 229 €).

Source: 9To5Google