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Google Messages: a bug erases all SMS

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Shift the March 27, 2020 0 h 37 min

Google Messages is the target of a rather embarrassing bug. According to the testimony of many users, text messages are erased without explanation while for others, messages are attributed to the wrong contacts. Problem, most of these anomalies have lasted for a year.

Google’s messaging app is victim of several malfunctions according to the testimonies of many users posted on the official forum. If some anomalies are recent, others go back more than a year. Trouble, Google currently has no deploy no fix to fix these persistent bugs.

Among the most attractive, total disappearance of SMS. I restarted my phone and when I opened Google Messages, all of my conversations were gone. I tried to relaunch the application and then my new phone. They all disappeared … Not good,says Nathan Bootsma on the Google Messages forum.

In some cases, the application is unusable, the fault of crash rptition. Crashes which obviously cause the deletion of all saved SMS. For others, messages are associated with bad contacts, when they are not completely unreadable. Hello, since December 2019, I can no longer send SMS but I receive them,posted another user on March 25 on the forum.

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No response from Google

As several testimonies attest, problem doesn't seem to affect only Google Pixels. Similar bugs occur on HTC One, smartphones of the Huawei P20 range, Moto G7 or LG G8s. Why is Google taking so long to patch these bugs? According to our colleagues from the Android Authority site, the fact that the bug manifests itself in several ways would make the task complicates the Mountain View company.

Some users have found alternatives : return to factory settings, use the restore tool, uninstall Google Messages via the Play Store, clean up the application cache or just change your messaging app. Problem, the success rate seems quite variable, these techniques work for some, and have no effect for others.

Journalists from the Android Authority tried to reach Google, without success. We will update this article in case of a reaction from the manufacturer.

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