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Google Maps

Available natively on Android, Google Maps is an essential application for geolocation, GPS guidance and a host of services to discover the surroundings. The application is fluid, intuitive and precise for daily use in the car, public transport, bicycle and on foot around the world.

Launched since 2006, Google Maps has established itself as one of the most popular navigation tools. Originally accessible from the Google home page, the navigation application is now installed natively within Android.

GPS navigation by car, public transport and on foot

Google Maps is mainly used for GPS navigation. It benefits from a cartography of the whole world and makes it possible to plan a journey with stages. Google’s services alert you to traffic jams, traffic incidents, or events that can cause traffic problems.

Besides car navigation, Maps also excels in finding suitable routes for cycling or walking. In addition, the application provides real-time information on stops and timetables for public transport in many cities in France and around the world.

Discover the places and shops nearby

Thanks to Google services, Maps makes it possible to offer the most important places nearby, starting with shops including restaurants, bakeries, pharmacies, grocery stores, bars and hotels in the surrounding area. It is possible to establish favorite places, lists and share them with those close to you.

Suggestions for outings and places to discover are also offered under the tab For you. Once the geolocation, the application also displays nearby cultural events, the restaurants best ranked in trends as well as photos taken by the community.

Maps and streets from around the world

With more than 220 countries and territories listed and mapped, the Google Maps application allows you to see the Earth from afar thanks to satellite view but also in the streets thanks to Street View. This feature allows you to visit cities and monuments around the world in 360 ° and to navigate using the directional keys.

Two features also allow easier and smoother navigation, the Car mode which offers a more refined interface and commands via the Google Voice Assistant as well as the Position sharing function which allows loved ones to follow your position in real time.