Google Maps wins Android Auto-inspired navigation mode

Google Maps now offers its American users a new “Driving” mode. It drastically restricts notifications and encourages the driver to interact with his phone using voice. A kind of Android Auto mode combined with Google Maps.

Google maps
The new Driving mode in Maps. Credit: GSMArena

Android Auto is installed on some vehicles and if you don’t have one there is an app on your phone. Now a new mode is available on Google Maps and it offers roughly the same thing.

Google Maps ‘Driving Mode’ was presented at Google I / O 2019. It is only just starting to be rolled out to Android smartphones in the US. It enriches the navigation mode adding the best of Android Auto to it. To activate it, nothing could be simpler. When you start the navigation mode in Google Maps, the switch to driving mode will be automatically proposed. The changes brought about by this mode are interesting.

Maps welcomes Android Auto features

For example, all notifications will be disabled, apart from those concerning messages, calls or music. Likewise, the interface is reviewed. Simpler, it offers a menu with a few buttons (displayed in large size) which provides access to functions related to driving. The latter are also greatly simplified.

Finally, the mode emphasizes voice with Google Assistant, to make a call without taking your hands off the wheel or dictating written messages. In effect, we have here a merger between Android Auto and Google Maps. One way to make it more accessible, Maps being widely used as a car GPS. Of course, you will not find it on your mobile yet, since the thing is only reserved for American territory. Nevertheless, it should arrive in the coming months all over the world.

Google Maps improves in small increments over time. Not long ago, Google rolled out an update to allow you to use night mode, not just browse mode. Likewise, the convergence between Maps and the other services of the Mountain View firm allows it to offer interesting features, such as displaying your journeys in Google Photos, for example.

Source: GSM Arena