Google Maps starts showing the price of gasoline at the pump in Europe

Google Maps starts showing the price of gasoline at the pump in Europe

Google Maps is gradually starting to display gasoline and fuel prices at the pump in Europe. The option has just made an appearance on Android and iOS smartphones in Spain. Here’s how this new feature works.

google maps gasoline prices europe
Credit: APKMovil

In recent years, Google Maps has displayed the price of gasoline at the pump in North America (United States and Canada) on its maps. The option provides the cost of gasoline, diesel directly in the interface. Available on Android and iOS, this feature allows users to see at a glance which station offers the cheapest fuel. The user can then adapt his itinerary on the basis of this information.

Until now, this handy feature was only available to US users. But recently, Google also offers display of fuel prices in Spain, reports the APK Movil site, with screenshots to support it. The mapping service therefore began to deploy the option on the European continent, starting with the Iberian Peninsula.

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Google Maps helps you find the cheapest petrol station

First, the option is configured to display default price of unleaded 95. To consult the cost of all the other fuels (SP95, SP98 and Diesel), just press the name of the chosen service station. Please note, the price of fuel is not available for all stations, APKMovil notes in its article. In the same vein, Google Maps indicates the charging stations for electric cars since 2018.

For now, the display of fuels seems to be for Spanish users only. Thus, we were unable to activate the option on Google Maps (whether on Android or iOS). This is probably an update activated on the side of Google’s servers. You can therefore do nothing to force the display of fuels in the application. Anyway, it is expected that Google will soon offer this feature in France. We’ll tell you more about what’s new in Maps as soon as possible. While waiting for more information, feel free to give your opinion on the application in the comments below.

Source: APKMovil