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Google Maps Go92

Google Maps Go succeeds by being much lighter than the full version of Google Maps. It is suitable for devices with limited memory or for poor network coverage.

Why download Google Maps Go?

Google Maps Go for AndroidWith less than 1 MB when downloaded, Google Maps Go is a light version of Google Maps for Android. This application is intended for tablets and smartphones with little disk space or limited RAM. It will also work very well with medium network coverage.

It is a mobile web application which requires as a simple prerequisite a device running Android 4.4 or higher as well as the prior installation of the Google Chrome web browser for Android. Most people already have Chrome in theory.

Like his big brother, Google Maps Go offers precise and updated maps. You can find maps of more than 200 countries and territories to navigate by car, on foot, by train or by public transport. On this last point, the app has plans and timetables relating to public transport in more than 20,000 cities around the world.

Note that if you don’t have Google Chrome, as it is an encapsulated web version, you can use the Chrome mobile site on your browser directly. It is more or less the same version.

GPS navigation apart

Lightening an application in resources necessarily involves the removal of certain features such as navigation. Integrated natively into the Google Maps application, the real-time navigation function is available here via a separate application called Navigation for Google Maps Go.

Note however that if you use this feature, it will consume more battery and more data on your phone plan. By default, this is in particular the reason why we do not find this possibility within the Go version.

Google Maps Go still offers the possibility of previewing a route from point A to point B on a map with all the stages on the journey and according to different means of travel. Clearly, the essential is there.

Always find the right address

Google Maps Go provides a powerful search engine to find the best addresses nearby such as the nearest restaurant, businesses and tourist sites.

Finally, note the integration of real-time data relating to road traffic to avoid the most recent traffic jams and deviations.

You will therefore understand: Google offers us here a version which remains complete of its navigation application and which is less than 1MB. It is therefore an interesting solution even if on paper, it just seems to be an encapsulated web version. So you can also take advantage of similar features from the mobile site.