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Google Maps for iOS soon submitted Apple

Google Maps for iOS soon submitted Apple

The development of the native Google Maps application for iOS would soon come to an end, reports the Wall street journal.


If we crotch it Wall street journal, the development around the native Google Maps app for iOS would soon come to an end. A beta version of the future application would also be in the hands of testers, both inside and outside Google. A final version of the application would therefore be on the point of being submitted to Apple for validation. But the daily does not give details on a possible date of availability. Still need to be that Apple can accept this application on its App Store, which is far from certain….

Still according to the same source, Eddy Cue, now in charge of Plans since former vice-president Scott Forstall left his post, would have solidly taken the reins of the team in charge of the application and would participate in regular meetings to correct the service.

Beyond the battle between Apple and Google around their mapping service, the Wall Street Journal claims to have learned from good sources close to Apple that the Cupertino company wants to take advantage of the Siri voice recognition functionality to make Google's search results less relevant. Information that could make sense when you know that the voice assistant uses several sources of information to conduct its research.

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