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Google Maps finally displays speed limits on French roads

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The European version of Google Maps is currently receiving an update which motorists will obviously find very useful: the indication of speed limits. Several European users, including French, have noticed the appearance of this information in the interface. Finally!

Google Maps and Street View

Allluia! Praise Lord Google and his generosity towards European motorists. It's a great day for them who rely on the excellent Maps to make their journeys. Because until now, they had to use another application (such as Waze, Coyote or TomTom) to obtain crucial information: speed limit in real time.

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A relatively frustrating lack of Google Maps. All the more frustrating that Google was already pushing for updates including this function in several countries last year, notably in the United States. But everything comes who knows how to wait (and Europeans are used to waiting a little more than Americans when it comes to the deployment of a new function in the Google ecosystem). Because it is today March 11, 2020 that the display of speed limit signs finally arrives in the European version of the cartographic application on Android.

Active function, even in France

Several testimonials on social networks confirm this, captured in support screen (see below). Testimonies from United Kingdom, Denmark, Ireland, the Netherlands or of France ! It is obvious that functionality must also be pushed in all the countries of the European Union. And even a little beyond, since India would also be affected.

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Concretely, how does it work? Relatively simply. Open the latest version of Google Maps, start a car journey and climb to the authorized limit. If you exceed a little bit, an indicator is displayed at the bottom right of the screen. The latter takes up the identical iconography of road signs. According to some accounts, the functionality is still imperfect. Be careful not to trust Google Maps, which should only be an additional means of ensuring your security. But once again, this is excellent news that may, finally, make us drop out of Waze.

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