Google Maps: dark mode is finally being rolled out

Update of December 10, 2020

As reported by our colleagues from Android Police, Google is deploying the dark mode of Google Maps on more smartphones than last September, date of publication of the article below. It can be expected that many phones will be able to activate the mode in the coming days or weeks. Unfortunately, we were unable to activate the mode on our side. As always, this is a server side deployment.

google maps dark mode

Google Maps finally gets a dark mode. After several months of waiting, Google has finally launched the rollout of dark mode in its navigation and mapping application. We explain how to activate it as soon as it is available on your smartphone.

Remember: in October 2019, Google announced the arrival of a dark mode on Google Maps. A few months later, night mode was still not offered in the navigation application. Maps is always satisfied with a mode reserved for “navigation mode”, that is to say when you start assistance on a route. The “map” view is not always entitled to dark mode. As we told you a few years ago, Google is finally preparing to honor its promise by deploying a dark mode for the complete interface of Google Maps.

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How do I activate Google Maps dark mode?

According to our colleagues at 9To5Google, the dark mode of Google Maps is currently being deployed. Several smartphones running Android 10 or Android 11 have already been able to activate dark mode in the interface. We explain how to check if this new feature is already available on your phone:

  • Open the Google maps app
  • Click on your Google profile icon (top right next to the search bar)
  • Go to Settings
  • See you in Appearance (a new section)
  • Choose Light, Dark or System Default Settings

By clicking on System defaults, Google Maps will automatically adapt to the settings of the OS. If Android system-wide dark mode is enabled, then it will be offered on the navigation app. As always, Google is rolling out dark mode directly from its servers. It is therefore impossible to force things. This is already the second wave of dark mode rollouts since September.

As a reminder, dark mode is not a novelty only aesthetic. The theme makes it possible to reduce eye fatigue by lowering the emission of certain wavelengths of light and to extend the battery life of smartphones with an OLED screen.

Source: 9to5Google