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Google Maps could privilege clear roads and paths

Google Maps could soon privilege the clear roads and paths at night. With this feature, the mapping service wants to provide more security to users.

smartphone with google maps fix in a car Credits: Isaac Mehegan via Unsplash

Google Maps continues to improve the user experience with ever more new features. After the arrival of the incognito mode not to leave traces in the history of locations, or the association with Google Translate to translate for you the place names abroad, Google Maps innovates to satisfy these millions of users and prevent them from migrating to competition, like Waze for example.

According to our colleagues at the XDA Developers website, Google would be working on a new feature, intended for night journeys. The journalists searched the code of the beta version v10.31.0 of Google Maps and found an indite map that highlights the roads and paths clear at night.

This card would answer to the name ofLightening and explanatory notes indicate that thismap would allow users to see how clear the streets are. The roads would then be divided into three categories:

  • The rvery clear would appear in yellow
  • Low light nonexistent
  • No information on light conditions

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For the time impossible to know if this featureLightening will see the light of day, and the case if it will be deployed worldwide or only for certain countries. Setting up this function should probably require a monster job, especially in terms of mapping and reframing. You will agree, checking if there is light on the billions of routes recorded and scanned by Google will not happen in a weekend.

Anyway, this option is welcome and may prove extremely useful for cyclists and runners to determine the advance of clear tracs for example. Lightening will also be of great help during your night outings when you are traveling abroad.

Source: XDA Developers