Google Maps and Waze integrate Siri for iOS 13

Google Maps and Waze integrate Siri for iOS 13

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google maps gps transport icon ipa iphone ipadFollowing the official release of the long awaited update of iOS 13, developers are quick to put the page by proposing updates of their creations. This is particularly the case of the two gloves of navigation, Google Maps and Waze, who have just integrated Siri their respective applications.

So, you can now ask Siri to show you your route to a target location, but via both alternatives, on iOS and CarPlay.

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Google Maps and Waze invite Siri

It was expected and official since the last WWDC, since Apple had announced the opening of Siri third-party applications: but with the release of iOS 13 tonight, Waze and Google Maps now Siri accede.

Of course, when you make the request the personal assistant, do not forget to specify "using Google Maps". Many other apps should do the same in the next few days!


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