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Google Maps and Google Translate to help you find your way

Google Maps will soon be able to translate the names of places and addresses abroad. What make the application more useful for your travels abroad.

google maps logo and google translation and world map

Google has been working for years on improving Google Translate. The service has made remarkable progress, such as the support of sign language for example. The Mountain View firm is confident in its material. such a point that the company decided to associate it with Google Maps, its famous mapping application.

Google has announced on November 13, 2019 the integration of Google Translate Google Maps and presented a brand new feature. Thanks to the contribution of Google Trad (for intimates), the application will now be able to translate and pronounce for you the name of your destination and its address. Convenient, especially when traveling to a country where you do not absolutely master the language. Just click on the small icon of the speaker and let the app speak for you. So you can easily ask your way a stranger and you avoid the anxiety of a bad pronunciation and a discussion leading nowhere.

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In addition, Google has also thought of introducing a direct link to the Google Translate app if your conversation is going on forever and you need help. It turns out that the activation of Google Translate in Maps is based on the language used by your smartphone. If you are French and looking for a Tokyo address, the speaker icon will appear. Conversely, if you look at the map of a French region, you will not have access to the feature.

Google Translation has already been seen in action in other products of the firm such as Google Lens or the Google Assistant. This association between Maps and Translation brings Google even closer to its goal of creating a system of fusional and interconnected applications.

Support for Google Translate will be deployed before the end of November 2019 on iOS and Android, with a total of 50 compatible languages. Other languages ​​should arrive later, Google specifies.

Source: TechCrunch