Google Maps: an investigation is opened on the policeman who gives the fingers of honor to a Google Car

The National Police have opened an investigation into the policeman who gave two fingers of honor to a Google Car. The scene, recorded in Google Maps, has been touring the web for several days.

google maps police finger honor car

A few days ago, an unusual scene immortalized by Google Maps in 2019 made the buzz on social networks. The image, again visible on Google Street View until last September, showed a French policeman who makes two fingers of honor in the direction of a Google Car.

Faced with the bad buzz generated by the cliché, the National Police of the North (59) decided to open an investigation. “After learning that a questionable Google Maps image from the summer of 2019 was posted on social networks, likely to represent one of its agents, the North DDSP opened an internal investigation into a individual behavior, which she necessarily condemns ” explains the national police on its Twitter account this Tuesday, December 1, 2020.

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Mysterious cop who hated Google Cars under investigation

The internal investigation obviously aims to determine the identity of this mysterious policeman, obviously very upset against Google Car. The task promises to be complicated for the DDSP, the Departmental Directorate of Public Security. As always, Google has applied a blur to the faces of the two occupants of the van. Likewise, the vehicle’s plate is blurred. To obtain the photo showing the policeman with his face uncovered, the national police could try to contact Google directly. The Mountain View firm may still have the image on its servers.

To find the name of the police officer, investigators can currently only rely on the date and location of the recorded photo. Google Street View makes the date of all the pictures available to Internet users. The picture was taken during the month of August 2019 in rue Voltaire in Roubaix. “Street View images show what our cameras captured the day they passed the location. The treatment process then takes several months. Therefore, the content you see can be several months to several years old ” Google explains on its website. Regardless, the image showing the policeman has been removed from Street View since an update.