Google Maps allows you to find a charging station compatible with your electric car

Google Maps allows you to find a charging station compatible with your electric car

Google Maps will now help you find a compatible charging station for your electric car. An update allows the mapping application to search for compatible outlets for your vehicle in the surrounding area. We explain how it works.

google maps charging station electric cars

Since October 2018, Google Maps has displayed the location of charging stations for electric cars. Recently, the application also indicates in real time if a charging station is already occupied or free to be used. Thanks to a new update currently being deployed, Google Maps will go even further, report our colleagues from Android Police.

Google Maps sorts charging stations by socket type

Now Google Maps will sort the nearby charging stations depending on their type of plug. Not all electric cars are compatible with the same charge connectors. For example, Tesla put on a property outlet, the Peugeot use the CHAdeMO standard and the BMW vehicles use the CCS connectors. Thanks to adapters, it is nevertheless sometimes possible to charge a car with an incompatible socket.

Google Maps now filters search results by plug type. When you search for nearby stations, by typing an electric charging station in the search bar for example, a new drop-down menu will appear just below (in the filters). The application allows stations to be sorted by the following available sockets: J1772, CCS (Combo 1), Type 2, CCS 2 (Combo 2), CHAdeMO and Tesla.

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That's not all. Google Maps also allowssave preferred plug types directly in the application settings. Once it's done, the app will always automatically display the charging stations equipped with it. This new option allows motorists to avoid unpleasant surprises once they arrive at a charging station. According to evidence gathered by Android Police, this new feature is being deployed. We will tell you as soon as possible.

Source: Android Police