Google loses $ 425 million after Huawei smartphone ban

We all know full well that the United States recently blacklisted well-known Chinese smartphone maker Huawei. And now, according to the latest reports, a well-known research firm has estimated that the revenue of tech giant Google will drop from $ 375 million to $ 425 million as it no longer allows Chinese smartphone maker Huawei , to use Android, hence, users of the Chinese company can now not download any application from the Play Store of tech giant Google.

Google loses $ 425 million after Huawei smartphone ban

Business Insider, research firm Nomura Instinet, recently estimated that income from tech giant Google to drop from $ 375 million to $ 425 million , the Chinese smartphone maker Huawei can no longer use Android, as a result, users of the Chinese company are now unable to download any apps from the tech giant Google’s Play Store.

Nomura Instinet also announced that the famous Chinese smartphone maker Huawei had around 500 million smartphone users worldwide , whose 52% in China , where tech giant Google and its famous app store, of course, the Play Store have been banned. for a long time and has not suffered much.

Thus, the major influence comes mainly from markets like the Europe and the Asia . More precisely, the 2018 Play Store revenue from tech giant Google is $ 7 billion , including $ 388 million only from Huawei smartphones .

Chinese smartphone makers in Europe are just helping tech giant Google to earn $ 190 million, compared to $ 137 million in Asia (excluding China) . Therefore, the US-based tech company, of course, tech giant Google will lose this significant amount of money after blocking Huawei.

Moreover, the Chinese giant of information technology, Google, could have to undergo a ban from the Chinese giant Huawei, in particular the risk of seeing its market share fall, and the door to the Chinese market will be permanently closed .

Of course, the world’s largest manufacturer of telecommunications equipment, Huawei Technologies is seeking credit from abroad, denominated in US dollars or Hong Kong dollars, as the famous media portal Bloomberg quoted a close source, whose term is about 5 -7 years old.

While the conversation between well-known Chinese smartphone maker Huawei and the credit group is still in its infancy, there is no guarantee that will happen. If successful, the value of the loan, as well as the identity of the participating banks, could tell more about the market’s judgment in the face of the financial strength of chinese giant Huawei .

Apart from all this, the US government simply put last week the Chinese telecommunications technology group Huawei on the blacklist and now Chinese smartphone maker Huawei faces many charges of US Department of Justice for economic surveillance activities and violation of orders, the US sanctions on Iran and more. So what do you think of this? Just share all of your views and thoughts in the comment section below. And if you liked this article, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.