Google launches reward program for Android users

Google launched Google Play Points, a rewards program for Android users. Google Play Points allows you to earn points using Google Play. There are a number of ways you can earn points and then use them to get a ton of rewards.

In September 2018, Google launched Google Play Points in Japan. Then, in April 2019, it was also launched in South Korea. Google says millions of people joined the program and that success prompted the company to launch Play Points in the United States.

How Google Play Points works

Google announced Google Play Points in an article on The Keyword. The company claims that game points are a way to reward the 2 billion people in 190 countries who now use Google Play. Which suggests that he is looking to develop game points around the world.

It’s free to join Google Play Points, at no cost. Once registered, you earn points on everything you buy with Google Play and by downloading free apps and games. There will also be weekly events to earn more points.

There are four levels of Google Play Points: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The more points you earn, the higher your level. And the higher your level, the more perks you will receive (such as weekly prizes). This is designed to keep you engaged.

Once you start earning points, there are a lot of things you can redeem. This includes in-app items like characters and gems, as well as Google Play credits, which you can then use to rent a movie, buy an audiobook, or whatever else you want.

How to join Google Play Points

To join Google Play Points , open the Play Store app on your Android device. Tap the hamburger menu in the top left corner, then click Play Points. And that’s all. You can then start earning points when you use Google Play for your apps, games, and subscriptions.

Google Play Points is a fantastic idea. It rewards Android users only for using Google Play, which most of them are already familiar with.