Google improves Chrome’s dark mode

Google will be making interface changes to its Google Chrome browser on Windows 10 and MaOS. Here, it is the dark mode which will have the right to some small welcome modifications. If they will not drastically change the experience, they are still appreciable and show that Google works in the smallest details its interfaces.

Dark Mode
Credit: Windows Latest

Dark mode is now a must in the design of applications or software. Very popular, it helps reduce visual fatigue, especially at night. Already available on Chrome in the Canary version, dedicated to developers, the dark mode of Google’s browser will have the right to some modifications.

Indeed, this dark mode of Chrome on MacOS and Windows 10 will now apply on all aspects of the interface. Currently, it does not take into account the scroll bar, located to the right of the page, and it remains in gray white. From now on, it will be darker in order to adapt to the rest of the interface.

The websites will also have the choice to activate this dark scroll bar or not. On Google sites (except Youtube), this bar is now grayed out for those who use this dark mode. One way to better respect the user’s choices in this area. Note that Chrome respects the interface choices of Windows 10 in this segment. If you have opted for dark mode for apps in OS settings, Chrome’s display will be changed accordingly.

A dark fashion still under construction

For the moment, this dark mode is only for Canary, we said, a developer-only and unstable version of the browser. However, the arrival of this feature for the general public is still pending.

This dark mode still encounters a lot of bugs and it seems that we will have to wait a few more months before enjoying it. While it won’t really be a revolution for the browser, this novelty may well appeal to users. Dark mode is currently very popular and is coming little by little on all the sites or software. Not long ago, it was Facebook that integrated this functionality. Android 11 has also greatly improved this aspect, making it much more pleasant to navigate.